Friday, August 10, 2018

Ladders for Leaders to Lollipops

In one of the largest intern-driven project from Susan Arann at American & International Designs Inc comes “Ladders for Leaders to Lollipops”.  L4L2L became an office makeover like no other - it cost less than $100 and raised over $1100 for charity.

Interns Hana Kassem, Sadhana Pakala and Jessica Kukin were lead by veteran intern turned employee Meena Selvan to embark on this remarkable redesign of their office space.  They needed to come together as a team and incorporate everyone's ideas into the design and fundraising project.

The first step was color planning - starting with the office walls. After choosing Youthful Coral (SW 6604 by Sherwin Williams), the Lollipop Ladies set off to planning their space and their resources.  Not only were they on a $100 budget and a tight time frame, they were also tasked with using only recycled materials found around the office.   

Each intern added her own ideas and style to the space - from turning floating shelves into colorful awnings to the color swatch lollipops and the hand-crafted L4L2L framed artwork complete with inspirational memories from their experience.

Hana, Sadhana, and Jessica were also challenged to create one-of-kind chair designs for the space that mimic the lollipop theme.  It is amazing to see their creativity shine through these once black acrylic chairs by Concord Seating.

In the end, the Ladders for Leaders to Lollipops project raised $1,142 to donate to the General Research Fund of the American Cancer Society.  A check was presented on Monday, July 30th in the office building lobby where they were selling actual lollipops as part of the fundraising efforts.

It is amazing to see the creativity and inspiration that comes from our interns.  It was quite an office transformation and we hope that they will carry the lessons they have learned by working at American & International Designs in their future schooling and careers.



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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Susan Arann's Sweet Summer 2018 Internship Program

We are just wrapping up another amazing summer internship program at American & International Designs, Inc. and Susan has surely made this summer a sweet one for these young professionals.

American & International Designs, Inc.

Working with New York City Department of Youth and City Development's Ladders for Leaders program and the Summer Youth Employment Program, Susan hired three interns with various jobs at the company.

  • Hana Kassem (Staten Island Technical School) was hired as the Interior Design intern.  
  • Sadhana Pakala (Staten Island Technical School) worked as a Graphic Design intern.  
  • Jessica Kukin (Tottenville High School) was the Social Media intern.

With help from Meenu Selvan* a former intern turned employee who supervised the interns on their amazing 6-week journey, Susan has created yet another mentorship session for budding business women.

This summer the interns were mentored in real world business and design.  They learned everything from office ettiquite to proper business interaction with clients to the nuts and bolts of interior design. Most importantly they learned what it takes to run a business and how to be part of a team.

As an extra challenge, the interns were tasked with redesigning their office space and organizing a fundraiser.  From this, the Ladders for Leaders to Lollipops project was born.

*Meenu started as an intern for American & International Designs, Inc. in 2016 and became a part-time employee in 2017 working with Susan on school breaks until she graduated Notre Dame Academy in 2018.  This fall, Meenu will participate in a 5-year accredited Architecture program with a concentration in Sustainable Design at the University of Notre Dame.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Orange you glad

Call it tangerine, pumpkin, sunset or sherbet - orange is a warm way to bring happiness to your space.  The beauty of this color is its versatility - an obvious choice for Fall, this bold hue transcends the cool season and can brighten up Winter, ring in the Spring with its vibrant flare and punch up a Summer scheme.

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Orange plays nicely with so many color palettes and design styles, it is hard to go wrong when adding it to your space.    Pair this great color with a whimsical shape or pattern and watch it transform a good room to a show stopping one.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shop and Design with dbp!

We are so happy to be taking this blog in a great new direction.  Designer's Best Picks has always been about hand picked luxury home decor.  Now we have the opportunity to bring it directly to you.  We are scouting trade shows, utilizing travel opportunities and working hard within the design community to bring our expertise into your home.

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We are so excited to be able to share this new chapter with you and we hope you are equally as excited about finding amazing treasures for your home with Designer's Best Picks!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Taking a Leap

In continuing our tradition of luxury curating, we have decided to leave this platform for another.  We are purposely keeping our blog live as it is full of great products and timeless design information.  If you would like to join our emailing list please sign up here to get more Awe Inspiring picks from American & International Designs Inc.