Sunday, March 21, 2010

Designer's Best Picks - Architectural Digest Home Show NYC 2010

By Susan Huckvale Arann

We are keeping busy at the Architectural Digest Home Design S
how in NYC giving free 20 minute consultations to the public.

couple brought in a plan for a new basement that simply wouldn’t work. I changed the approach to the space, justifying the new plan as a way to capture opportunities missed. By reorienting the staircase and maximizing the natural light in the space planning, this new basement, which will include a media room, spa room with gym and sauna, a bar, a kitchen and a general gathering area, west from a simply useable space to a completely dynamic one.

Then a young
father of two was looking for help on finishes for his new Lincoln Towers studio, located across from The Met. We talked floors first and both agreed that reclaimed wide planked wood floors in a white was finish paired with large custom-sized porcelain tiles would best suit his space. We discussed keeping feature wall materials consistent to unify the space due to a sharp turn in the entrance way. Armed with a plan, he headed into the rest of the show only to return an hour later with an idea for kitchen cabinetry and a need for some expert advice. He then mentioned sliding walls to divide the bedroom area and I recommended the Nano Wall System being displayed at the show. I’m sure he’ll be back as his new home design progresses.

When we
aren’t consulting, we are on the hunt for some uniquely fabulous pieces to share. Today we are focused on fun and unusual products with great use of color.

Art Addiction

FLORAL POP . . . These oversized images work well in a multitude of spaces. One of my clients with a dark foyer entrance will benefit from the large 40 x 60 size and the bright colors. These pieces will surely pop and set the tone for her space.

CLASSIC TWIST . . . In contrast, this piece’s use of classic sculpture with a modern twist will add interest and intrigue to any space.


ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGN . . . These pieces are handmade from non-toxic recyclable plastics, an artful approach to keeping the planet beautiful, inside and out. They are uniquely “green” and universally enjoyable.

LV Wood Floors

UNUSUAL SPECIES . . . These unfinished materials are reclaimed in America and are not just for the floors! I plan to use this product on a wall behind a reception desk.

Pebeo Chair

A SIT DOWN STAND OUT . . . The unique colors drew me to the chair but its overall shape and daring legs really won me over. It would be perfect for a fashion gallery.

Bueno Glass

COLORFUL ZEN . . . With an array of peaceful colors and a soothing matte finish, these glass pieces would serve as a wonderful wall feature in any serenity room.

Amphitrite Deconstructed

BEAUTY IN RUIN . . . The artist portrays a piece of ruin of Amphitrite as seen under water through distortion and fragmentation. The finish is high-gloss which intensifies the reflective quality, translating into a water concept. I like this piece for its reflective quality and very sheen colors. It would work well in a bedroom or spa.

Michael Curry Mosaics

GLASS WALL REFLECTIONS . . . These mosaic sculptures make great artwork because they are dimensional, reflective and have a fantastic array of colors. They are perfect in an open space, like an entry, especially near a window to maximize the reflections and colors.

Water Drop Curtain

DRIPPING WITH AMBIANCE . . . The over-scaled beads remind us of water droplets and are a symbol of a refreshing spirit. I would use this piece in high volume places like hotels, restaurants and bars but it is versatile enough in small spaces, like a room divider in an apartment. I may recommend it to the Lincoln Towers father when he makes his way back to the booth.

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