Sunday, May 23, 2010

Designer's Best Pick - International Contemporary Furniture Fair NYC 2010

We found many interesting pieces at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held in New York City. The featured trend was eco-friendly products which is what drew our interest. We were able to scope out the hottest new lighting designs, outdoor furniture, upholstery, wallpaper and more. Adaptive reuse was a powerful theme and we found a few worthy of Designer's Best Picks.

Wall(paper) Art

This wall art by York Wallcoverings is a great example of innovative design meets inventive reuse. These beautiful flowers are made of wallpaper scraps that are cut up and stapled together. We are inspired by the idea and plan to use discontinued wallpaper books to create a unique piece of our own.

Dinner at 8pm

What a great use of making an every day object artistic, beautiful and completely useful in a whole new way. These spoons, knives and forks make a leap from the dinner table to a gorgeous wall sconce. With three different choices of lighting options, including LED, this piece makes it easy to dine in style!

Making it Easy to be Green

The vibrant color and sleek lines of this sectional make a statement in any room. Combine the beautiful piece with its eco-friendly materials and it surely is easy to go green!


  1. wow they are all unique and faboulous.. I really like contemporary furniture, especially Contemporary Seating.. i really like it... the color the shape.. its all unique...