Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Project: Bay Ridge

What a day to be productive. This morning we went to the site of a new project we will be working on in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The space is a newly renovated apartment and the resident is leaving it all to us to plan it out and create a functional, livable home environment. Today we focused on the layout of the living room, dinette, and the study as well as the color scheme for the apartment. At the top is an image of the main space of the apartment where the living room and dinette will be located. I worked on finalizing the location of the furniture, making sure that the circulation through all the spaces is adequate and as natural as possible. It was a really great opportunity to be able to work in the job site instead of relying on 2-dimensional drawings. The bottom photo shows some of the progress of the day, we put some loose bubble wrap to use to help visualize the furniture. The walls will be painted soon... check back for more!

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