Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Are You Really Washing Down Your Drain?

Have you ever wondered what else you wash down the sink other than dirt and germs? It's okay if you haven't, because (1) now you will and (2) this company already has started. Method is a company that is striving towards what they refer to as "sustainable abundance" by focusing on creating products that have a past and a future as laid out in the Cradle to Cradle philosophy they carry at the core of their company's philosophy.

The soap is made from readily available natural materials and packaging of the easiest to recycle plastics. Even down to the design of the bottle and refill packets Method is making sure that the consumer and the environment are getting the most out of the situation. And on top of it all, not only is everything they market fresh and safe, but they are also extremely efficient. So, no compromises here!

Image courtesy of Method.

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