Thursday, November 4, 2010

Before & After: Bachelor in Brooklyn - Living Space

Here is the view from the front entryway of this home. This is the main living space. The floors are fantastic and the room is long and narrow. There is great light coming from the windows on the far end - this space is screaming "potential!".

This is our furniture layout to help us gauge the space where the main seating area will eventually go. The "L" shape will help maximize seating without minimizing space to move.

The owner wanted a clean, streamline look with an engaging color palette. The eye-catching accent wall plays well off the colors in the pillows and the painting over the sofa. Pops of lime green, gold and red enhance the charcoal sofa and dark wood grains. And the original wood floors gleam alongside their new furnishings.

Paired with the rug, the "L" shaped sofa anchors the space as a seating/living area where a sofa alone may have seemed to "float". Ample lighting and multi-purpose accessories bring the space to life while still making it livable.

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  1. Wow! This space really transformed. I worked on this project from the beginning and it's great to see the final results. The colors warm up the apartment creating an inviting space. The furniture and accessories play well off each other making the space look cozy and sophisticated.