Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend Makeover - Plum Perfect Office


My inspiration was white and I planned for order. We realized this through Benjamin Moore's Beach Plum which has a reflective value of 70+. All the IKEA furniture is white. Our accessories are black, white and silver.

The electronics are hidden and that allows the creativity to be right out in the open. The space has a visual clarity and a mental charge. The before picture illustrates the lack of clarity the space had. The after pictures show the clean lines, the light approach. The staff is plum wild about the new space.

I had to include one last image - when we roll the pieces to the center we create a new space that is ready for a last minute presentation or spur of the moment office meeting. All in all, this space leaves us ready for anything. A back office space that is only 12' by 12' but BIG in purpose.


  1. I love the new look! The white gives that extra added "cleanliness" that is needed in a workspace. You have inspired me to get started on my home office!