Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Fling (did I get your attention?)

My team and I had a spring fling at Time Warner Cable's NY1 - we featured some fabulous products that can give a spring boost to every area in your home. From your front door to your bedroom, it's important to bring the outdoors indoors and give your home a fresh, fun burst of color. We had fun shopping and bringing all the pieces together - and we did it in one afternoon. Local stores - some high end prices, some moderate steals - gave us the pops of color we sought. It still feels like winter here in New York City, but I know if you pop a green teapot on your stove top or re-purpose a golden planter as a waste basket in your powder room then you'll feel spring earlier than your neighbors. Almost everyone we know is ready for spring - so tell Mother Nature you're not waiting one day longer and grab some color for your space.

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