Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Working on the Go - A Driver and a Doer

When you're working 'on the go', the focus is safety and efficiency. How modern this woman must have felt with her phone hooked into her (now) classic car. We have a quick list of how you can get the job done on the go. In our office, we arrive at many of our jobs via car which is terrific because it feels like our office travels with us. Of course, we all know that we should never talk, text or email while driving like our pictured driver.

At American & International Designs, Inc. we always have what we call a 'driver' and a 'doer'. We use the time in between job sites to produce work and replies. How do we do that? The driver focuses on the road and the doer focuses on the task - and to do that, we keep our car stocked. We always have a phone charger, pens, pads and a current client list with us. We also ask the doer to open their laptop or handheld as soon as we get in the car so we can be productive 'on the way'.

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