Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Client Testimonial: In their own words...

This is the first in a series of client reactions we'll be sharing. Let's face it, tooting our own horn isn't as fabulous as having a client sing our praises.

This client has a gorgeous home and her young family needed some help creating a space that will grow with them. We're already talking about the next phase in her home but it was great to take a breath before we move on to measure how far we've come. Read on!

"They did it perfectly. I honestly feel like I couldn't have asked for a better job. It turned out more than what I could have expected or asked for. I tried to express to Susan what style I was looking for. I think she understood it right off of the bat. She introduced me to some ideas that I would have never thought of on my own.

Susan helped me with color 100%. She knew what colors to match to wallpaper and furniture and a lot of the colors I would have never would have thought of it. She painted the inside of the bookcase red and I get compliments on that all the time – I would have never thought of that and would have gone with that. Most of the decisions – even if they were my idea or her idea – I felt more confident having Susan’s opinions.

It worked out great – I have a friend who is considering hiring a designer and I tell her it was one of the best decisions we made – I’m not a good decision maker to begin with and this is my first home. I refer her because I do enjoy working with her – she makes the decision so much easier – she opened my eyes and still made me feel like I’m hands on.

When we first moved in we started to feel like we wanted to do it ourselves but I was feeling overwhelmed because it wasn’t turning out the way I envisioned it – my husband had a sense that we could do it on our own but Susan and her team was worth every penny. He wouldn’t do it any other way now.

Every person that Susan brought into my house – and this is as just important as the work done – they were just as nice as Susan – I had Susan, Cindy and her assistants come in without me being present and I trusted them completely.

I do look forward to starting the next phase – our basement – there’s a kitchen and recreation area for the children – it’s a large basement and we’re starting from nothing – we have to do it and we know that we will use Susan and her team so we do it right!"

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