Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Moment

We love when a clever design leads to a introspective moment. In doing an internet search today, we noticed that the Google icon was altered to reflect the Lunar Eclipse seen internationally today. We're all busy people with work to do and it's not everyday that we can pause so science can wow us in such a big way. The days fly by so fast that sometimes the wonders of nature can be, well, overlooked. Google's artwork led us to these images of the moon - we're not even putting the lunar images in this post because we want you to follow the link and scroll through all of them. Take a minute and do it.

Google's artwork led us to images of nature's masterpiece from an international perspective. Technology that incorporates art that leads us to digress from work for a moment this evening to ponder a lunar eclipse. International images that let your soul breathe a bit leaving us more creative, more expansive in our view. Wow. That's a search engine.

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