Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before and...During (A Ranch Renovation)


We're renovating a 1964 ranch home and have a great blogging opportunity. We, like many interior designer firms, are often able to provide "Before" and "After" images and details through case studies or a one-time post, but in this instance the project can be broken down weekly in a more intimate way. It's rare that we get to detail a project during a renovation, but a weekly round-up promises to be educational and interesting. The homeowner was eager to share her story because she felt that so many home improvement and design resources center on stunning "Afters" but don't offer real life tips on going through the process.

The clients would like to remedy some issues that come with an aging home, while also updating features to maximize the space. They are interested in staying on budget and minimizing the amount of time their young family is displaced. Our connections with a local contractor and the in-depth discussions we've had on design prior to any work being done gives the client confidence in both the plan and the design. This client did choose to phase the project out, so the job will stretch longer by client choice. Some clients choose to do this to segment the decision-making process; this particular family wants to dive deep into the process with us, so they want ample time to chose finishes, colors and products.

The work started this week with the removal of paneling and drywall in the basement. A crack was causing some minor water damage to the flooring. Hurricane Irene really illustrated the need for the repair; look at the water damage to the carpet. In the image below you'll see that the wall was taken down to the studs. The minor cracks will be sealed from the inside and the sealing company has offered a 10-year guarantee on their work. Even better, they can do the work by week's end.


So what does the family report? They shared, "It was exciting when the workers arrived for the first day of renovation. The contractor that Susan recommended was on time and stayed to talk us through what the days would be like. It was amazing how neat they were - by day's end they had vacuumed the floor and bagged all of the garbage. They had also stacked all of the paneling that we're hoping to reinstall. Overall, it was a solid start and we're eager to check in each week to share the process."

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