Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cultural Customer Service

Our company is focused on customer service, but the company's name itself - American & International Designs, Inc. - denotes that we are aware that cultural differences do impact a customer's expectations.

Our corporate headquarters in New York City place us in a diverse work environment. Our internationally based customers, along with our flair for using international elements in design, keep us in constant contact with a myriad of cultures.

It's something we do inately, not by design or plan, but because an understanding of culture and the world is just who we are. This article in Business News Daily speaks to the importance of 'Effective Multi-Cultural Customer Service'. We appreciate the points the author makes, although the intent of the article is to educate those who are in a position that is solely focused on customer service.

But really, aren't all of us who are in business in the same profession? Satisfying customers is job one, no matter what the task at hand is.

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