Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grand Outdoor Spaces Fall Into Place

Outdoor residential spaces extend living space through the warmer months, but even as fall approaches homeowners can enjoy outdoor spaces. We designed this outdoor space for extended use from spring though fall. The space offered a magnificent opportunity for us to create a 'staycation' spot for these busy homeowners.

The furniture is comfortable and the clients can enjoy the cushioned chairs with a blanket wrapped around their shoulders well into the cooler evenings. As sunset comes earlier, the custom lighting creates a soft mood and casts enough light for entertaining or for a couples evening with a glass of wine and intimate conversation. Eliminating the traditional backyard spot lighting makes this space feel like an outdoor living room rather than a pool club.

The pavers and grand pillars give the space texture and height, while the colorful flowers change seasonally. The heated pool allows for morning swims or evening dips well into early October.

This grand outdoor space transitions into fall with just a few changes to the plantings and furniture arrangements. What do you do to transition your outdoor living spaces for the change of seasons?