Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Great Night with Gracie, ASID & IDLNY

Last week, I spoke at the Gracie Mansion at the ASID NY Metro Annual Chapter Meeting on behalf of the IDLNY Coalition.  Interior Designers for Legislation in New York (IDLNY) is a coalition dedicated to advance, promote and protect the right to practice Interior Design in the State of New York. 

Both ASID and IDLNY are wonderful organizations in the world of Interior Design and I am proud to be a member of both. 

Speaking at the Gracie Mansion, surrounded by its history and beauty, was an invigorating and inspirational experience.  As the one of the oldest standing wood homes in New York City, the Gracie Mansion is a testament to solid structure and combined with its Federal style decor becomes a living work of art.  This historic landmark has been a family home, a park, an ice cream stand (believe it or not), a classroom for immigrants learning English and home to several NYC mayors during their tenure.  

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