Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Design 'Target': Missoni

Missoni for Target® Table Vase - MediumWe pulled this combination of colors (top) and matched it with this soon-to-be classic Missoni vase for Target (below).  The Missoni line at Target is high design at a low cost and the public is eating up the big box store's newest designer line.  We love their products; when we look at fall colors and their designs and our inspiration fabrics we see a perfect fit.  This is a great example of mixing texture with shine to create a look that is inspired.

We have to give Target credit because they do give designers a stage for all of America to enjoy high design, but even they didn't anticipate the interest (their website crashed not long after the line launched and tales of empty shelves in the Missoni section are being told and retold).

What makes Missoni so adored? It's very Moroccan and Italian in inspiration.  A cultural line with a nonspecific design that mixes earthy tones with bold geometrics.  It’s the combination of color that really makes it art.

We're so glad that Target continues to design wonderful home furnishing products that are affordable.  Even the table top wear was sold out.  It’s perfect for the fall and lifts your spirits without sinking your savings.

I remember first discovering the Missoni line at a shop in Boca Raton years ago.  We loyal followers have waited years for for Missoni to create a line that was accessible and affordable and the news this morning proves the point:  the public wants color and design, and they want it now.  Their empty shelves and crashed website means Target has set its sights on a design that the public will eagerly consume.

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