Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ticking Things Off the 'almost After'

Last week our client started a home renovation by taking care of some outstanding issues that the house had since they moved in. You can see the before and during images and description here.

The three images above show the 'almost After' as we're calling it. The client will eventually repaint and put new flooring down, but starting this new project meant taking care of some old business first.

The renovation began with a paneling and drywall removal, followed by a second day basement patch. The homeowners are using a contractor we recommended and the contractor brought in a foundation expert who puts his name where his work is - literally. He puts his card over the work he does and offers a ten year guarantee. That third picture on the bottom is a close-up of his green business card; he sticks his card to the fill he uses to plug the foundation crack.

The contractor came back the next day to patch the wall and put the paneling back up. We're going to start shopping next week and our client is very much looking forward to what she calls the "fun part." Shopping is fun, and having an experienced interior designer accompany you is like having a personal shopper when you're picking a new wardrobe - but with interior design, it's even more important. This is one wardrobe that you won't change every season - accessories might change, but the major purchases need to stay fresh year-round.

We love to source and shop with our clients; for us it is a chance to really collaborate and share our expertise for the benefit of the client - and get them from an 'almost After' to their very own happily ever after.

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