Monday, October 24, 2011

Home Office Project: Defining Spaces and Purpose

This is the second post in a series.  See the first: Home Office Project: Getting Started

To me, the most important part of this Home Office Project was maximizing my space.  The room is a 11x13 open space with a closet, door and large window.  The space itself needed to be used mainly as an office space for my own business but also as a family center and house a secondary computer for my husband.  On top of that, we occasionally have guests, which we needed to possibly accommodate.  We have massive amounts of files, manuals, boxes and books because we are 'savers' along with a lot of office supplies because I like to have 'backups' as much as possible.

1.  Home business office
2.  Family paperwork and storage
3.  Secondary computer station
4.  Possible guest accommodations

The more I pondered the purpose of the room, the easier defining the spaces became.  I knew I needed a filing credenza and a large desk with a lot of top space and easy access to both.  Thus defining space #1: a grouping of the credenza, desk and a chair.  I knew I wanted my desk to face out either the window or the door.  Our secondary computer station is used once a week at the most.  Finding something small would suffice, preferably with minimal top space and good storage.

As for possible guest accommodations, we opted for the reclining chair would allow the room to be a cozy private space for reading and keep the space feeling open and fresh.  It would lack the dual purpose that the sofa bed would provide, but accommodation needs are seemingly less important than everyday ones.

Defining Spaces:
1.  Main office grouping - filing, desk, chair
2.  Secondary computer station
3.  Sitting / guest area

Coming next week:  Finding Inspiration in Color

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  1. I am so glad that you're using what we discuss at work to change your space. Looking forward to seeing what colors you chose.