Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Office Project: Getting Started

What I have learned working for American & International Designs, Inc. is that preparation and planning are key in every project you work on.  So as an experiment in applying my lessons learned, I decided to redo my own home office.  It is by no means a professional job, but I found that what I have learned from Susan and her amazing team certainly guided me on what I can only describe as a journey.  It was truly an eye opening experience sparking yet another level of respect for professionals!    

My overall goals:
1. Create a calm, inspirational environment to work in.
2. Organize, organize, organize
3. Maximize the small space to meet all of our needs for this room (2 person office and retreat room)

My challenges:
1. A small budget
2. A small space
3. Little experience

My assets:
1.  Time spent working with Susan and her team
2.  A strong drive to create a functional and pleasant space
3.  An electric screwdriver
South Wall

East Wall

North Wall

 West Wall (Closet door - office entrance door on left, not shown)

Coming next week: Defining Spaces and Purpose

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