Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phase II: Bye, bye blue!

Today starts Phase II of one of our residential client's home renovations. The bathroom pictured above is what started this family on the reno-journey, but it's only part of a house-wide update that will bring this 1960s ranch into 2012 and beyond.

The fully tiled bathroom has blue inset decorative tiles and blue fixtures. It's very, um, Golden Girls-esque.

It's also very dated and difficult to update without major renovation. The owner asked us to create a space that is calm, neutral and able to be perked up with new colors whenever the mood hits. White fixtures and crisp chrome accents will go with any color or design whim the owner has in the future. We've planned for painted walls so down the line, the owner can create a new look in a weekend with just a can of paint. The 'ceiling to floor to wall' tile wrap of this circa 1985 design kept them locked in to this dated look.

Do you have a room in your house that locks you in to a look? How do you get around it?

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