Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Day Home Makeover:  A Grateful Client

We just finished a design for a long-time client who purchased a new home.  At the completion of the space design, my design assistant and I spent a day there to make the house feel more like home.  We repurposed some of her artwork and purchased new artwork and furniture as well.  We arranged tables, benches, center tables, ottomans and accessories for three rooms to create a space to come home to – it’s so important for a homeowner to have a sense of the space not only being designed for them, but that it is truly theirs.

We gave special attention to her dining room and tabletop accessories for each space. We hung her prize cuckoo clock and her mother’s confirmation picture.  We created a closet scenario outside of her large walk-in closet to make it personalized by adding drapery, rods and a bench to create a nook to welcome her each morning.  We completely revamped her entrance by adding a center table, candle sticks and antique boxes on the floor.  We redid a sitting area in her front room to personalize it specifically for the female homeowner.  We accessorized the media center and wall behind the center for her family room.  We put towels in the master en suite and measured for window treatments.

Our client was working late so we gave instructions to the housekeeper and her husband who were kind enough to understand that we had a great goal in mind: a grand reveal.  When she drove up into her driveway all the lights were on and the windows were open.  We knew that when she arrived home and came in she would be beautifully surprised.

She showed up at our office the first thing this morning and could not believe what was accomplished.  She wanted to know where we had purchased everything and how we did it so quickly.  We had met at her home on Saturday and by Tuesday night we had located, selected and installed over 40 items; this was in addition to the items we used from her personal collection.

One of the biggest joys that I had was that artwork I had selected with the client more than 16 years ago  – textured wood frames in ocean blues and greens – were used in this brand new setting.  We had chosen that for a space where she used to reside and  I was able to reintroduce it in a new and unique setting and it looks like it belongs.  When we talk about repurposing, this is one of the keys to our success.  She had laid out all of the art in the basement along three walls like a gallery and we selected and placed items.

While we sat this morning we chose additional artwork including a Norman Rockwell reproduction that has special meaning for her husband.  We also selected lighthouse themed art and a canvas featuring cherry blossoms for the dining room.  Our client was glowing with excitement and said she can’t wait to go home at night.  There’s no better feedback and no better feeling.

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