Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art + Inspiration = 'Artspiration'!

It's the birth of a new word:  Artspiration!  Susan Arann and our team have an amazing amount of art coming into our life day-to-day.  As a New York City based design firm, we are inundated with a massive amounts of art exhibit announcements and press pieces introducing new artists.  We can't possibly make it to every show, but we do post the images in our studio to give us inspiration.  Art is a window into another space or time.  It gives us a fresh opportunity to see the artist's vision and incorporate it into our space.

This artist, Jasmina Danowski, is having a show from May 3rd to June 2nd at Spanierman Modern.

Take a peak at the images and tell us if this doesn't slow your breathing pattern and open your mind.  Take a look at Ms. Danowski's other pieces to find your artspiration!

Jasmina Danowski - Chapter Three V, 2004Jasmina Danowski - Baby Needs New Shoes, 2008Jasmina Danowski - And They All Ate Soup, 2008

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