Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Day in the Life

Who knew I could learn so much from a working interview! As I rushed into the building at 10 am (the taxi of course got lost) to meet with Susan I was also greeted by several other people. We all sat around a meeting table and informally introduced ourselves and I was pleased to see everyone smiling (even the little girl who joined us for the day).

As we broke out into smaller groups, I was paired with Cindy to work on a client. We shared documents and information on the client. During this I was given the task to find potential products such as wallpapers and tapestries. It took me a while to understand the client's needs and look for the rooms but I eventually got the hang of it. All the while rendering drawings for the presentation to the client the next day.

My second breakout with Katy was eye-opening. Who knew one company could be involved with so many websites! As she was explaining each one I tried to understand the similarities and differences between them so I could easily recognize one from another. She set up my email address and the blog and that was that!

I went back to my renderings and tapestry findings and ended the day with Susan and Cindy. We reviewed what we would be producing to the client and finished up some last details. I was shocked to see everyone so focused on their task and how efficient the whole creative process went. Knowing how much I learned in just a few hours, I can't wait to spend several weeks with the American & International Design team I can't wait to gain as much experience as I can!

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