Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Politically Speaking: Susan Huckvale Arann

Today, we're going to talk about politics - and how an interest in the process inspired a career in design.

Susan Huckvale Arann and New York State Senator Jacob Javitz
By her mid-teens, interior designer Susan Huckvale Arann had become enthralled by the field of politics.  Susan shares, "It seemed like an exciting and pulsating dance where people could come together to plan and then organize a fabric of ideas that would provide voters with alternative visions to those of other group(s)."

Susan, along with a number of friends, became a booster for local, state and national candidates. Her abiding interest, however, eventually led her to become a player in presidential, mayoral, gubernatorial and attorney general campaigns. These efforts also afforded her the opportunity for membership on my party’s county committee, state committee and to be elected as a delegate to the party’s national convention.
While in her twenties, Susan had the good fortune to carry her party’s banner as a candidate for the New York state Assembly. "I believe that the passion for organization, planning, coordinating, consulting and detailing plans that arose from being in politics became the foundation for me to become a licensed and certified interior designer who has been fortunate to win multiple awards for my design projects, garnered appearances in many publications and other media outlets, and had the honor to serve with distinction as President of the American Society of Interior designers (New York Metro Chapter) as well as being a member and/or officer of other international, national and local organizations," shares Susan.

Above all, Susan believes the energy and collaboration found in politics helped provide her, "to some extent, with an understanding of trying to fulfill the essence of what it means 'to see through the eyes of someone else'. An interior design’s outcome carries both the dreams of the client and the creativity of the designer; a vote of confidence for both."

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