Monday, June 4, 2012

Snug Harbor Event - Tech Tablescape Design

A New York City institution, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, hosted their major annual benefit ball - The Neptune Ball - this past Saturday and they have asked us to design a tablescape.  The event started off with a cocktail hour featuring "Island Sounds", an art retrospective spanning more than 500 years in music history for the borough of Staten Island, and then guests will enter the Harbor's Music Hall, a stately building at the heart of what used to be known as "Sailor's Snug Harbor" when it was home to retired sailors.  The headliner for that concert is Constantine Maroulis (American Idol, Rock of Ages).

Our role comes to play during the post-concert ball.   The tablescape portion is viewed by the ball attendees and is an intimate moment that garners much attention - as guests enter the ballroom, they see the table designed by local artists and artisans and view the story surrounding the table.  Ten lucky guests will then dine at the table - so in addition to being artistic and entertaining, it must be functional.
We are highlighting technology at the table our company is sponsoring, and featuring items from our online store.  We've partnered with Design Shuffle and placed QR codes to help guests find the table items online.  The story of our table is that it weaves our store 'Grand Opening' into our community involvement via technology - and allows people to admire pieces from our store and virtually bookmark an item to explore after the event.
The American & International Designs, Inc. table uses elements of technology to stimulate conversation and whet your appetite for design.  Our table is eco-friendly, featuring reused and repurposed products. Pops of orange will stimulate appetite and social interaction.  The QR code in frames placed around the table launches diners to our site while digital mini-frames feature Susan Hucvkale Arann's design work.

We're proud to have Merrill Lynch sponsor our table.  Merrill Lynch is focused on the "Power of the Right Advisor”. American & International Designs, Inc. believes in the "Power of the Right Designer".What perfect dinner companions.

Featured items:
· ‘Wired’ Wallpaper by Design Tex
· Three Ring Circuits by Debby Arem Designs on Etsy
· Centerpiece courtesy of Carroll’s Florist
· Dwell Smart Circuit Board Frames
· FramelessOval Contemporary Mirror from
· Small White Swirl Pedestal Vase from
· Brookstone My Life Digital Photo Keychain
· CD Snack Bowls custom designed by local artisan, Illyse Tynan

About Snug Harbor
Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is the largest, ongoing adaptive reuse project in America. It consists of 28 historical buildings, including several New York City landmarks on a unique 83-acre campus in Staten Island. Formerly Sailors’ Snug Harbor, a home for retired sailors built in the 1800s, Snug Harbor is now a distinguished regional arts center where history, architecture, visual art, theater, dance, music, environmental science, and botanical gardens provide dynamic experiences for all ages. Snug Harbor is also home to the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, the Snug Harbor Artist Residency Program (SHARP), the Noble Maritime Collection, Staten Island Children’s Museum, and the Staten Island Museum. Snug Harbor is a proud affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.

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  1. Looks wonderful - and it was certainly eye catching in person. The event attendees were exploring the table and commenting on how the technology was weaved into the overall look. Fabulous!