Friday, July 20, 2012

Intern Corner- The Hidden Life of a (Learning) Designer

The assignment: Specify and quote the hardware for a client's draperies.
Sure I wan't expecting anything too difficult but I was in for a ride. Who knew there were so many parts to a simple window dressing! The basic background information I received: A dual-rod curtain rod with stationary panels in front and stackable sheers behind. I will be honest here, I had never heard of a dual-rod system, let alone how to order and quote it! So the first call I placed to the vendor wasn't very...informative. I didn't know how to ask what I was looking for and neither did the Rep. These kind of phone calls went on throughout the day. And the next day....finally I received the information I needed. Who ever knew how to order an endstop, over and underlaps or carrier snaps? Who knew how to calculate a ripple-fold with 80% fullness on a dual panel 54" rod?  I sure didn't, but I certainly do now!

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