Friday, July 27, 2012

Intern's corner - The Journey begins.

 One more week to end and many more things learned and to learn. When I stepped in into the office, who knows what is billable time or how the business runs or what is the weekly goal? To achieve something greater we always have to divide out goal into pieces, that makes it easy - this is what I heard but I practically saw it in American and International Designs.
 If I forget to get a copy of a document I simply go to staples and get it done but now I realized if I forget to take a copy of a document how hard it can be and how mess it can create.
 Learning is a never ending process. Yes, that's  true and its more enjoyable when you become part of it.
 As a designer you are responsible for every single detail to produce your best. Even one piece of a paper can create a big problem, A staple on a wrong piece of paper can waste couple of hours. All this small little things to be taken care of on daily basis.
I didn't know all these earlier, but I certainly know it now.

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