Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Art: London 2012

RUN by Monica Bonvicini. Photo David Poultney. Copyright ODA

There are many reasons to celebrate the Olympic Games, which will begin this Friday, July 27th, but one of our favorite reasons to cheer on this international moment is the artistry and symbolism that accompanies the game.  We love that artists from around the world are featured in the Olympic Park.  One of the most prominent installations is 'RUN' by Monica Bonvicini, featured above.  It's simple and yet, at the same time, quite a bold statement.  The piece is reflective and gives a glimpse of what's behind you as you peer at it.  It's a cheer, a command, an encouraging directive - and it's art.

The art featured in the 2012 Olympic Park has it's own Facebook album at the Olympic Facebook page,  London 2012.  Take a moment to look at the artistry surrounding the games; from the uniforms to the iconic Olympic rings, art is part of the grandeur.

We're always inspired by the athletic prowess of the Olympiads - this year, we're also inspired by the artistic message of these gold medal-worthy artists.

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