Monday, July 16, 2012

Out on a Limb: Inspiration from CBS Sunday Morning

Over the years, we've had many clients ask us to make their outdoor spaces into entertainment areas or escapes.  Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, we saw the tree houses that we've started to hear clients mention when they describe the backyard escape they envision - take a look at the CBS piece here.

A version of a child's tree house?  Yes, but tricked out and kicked up to make it an adult wonderland.  The 2012 tree house features a wet-bar, master bedroom, WiFi - and a view that was formerly only for the birds.

American & International Designs Inc.'s Susan Arann  shares that while building a tree house might not be in the cards for everyone, you can take lessons from these secluded, green-surrounded spaces to build your own version of this childhood escape.  "Creating a space that is relaxing, private, and peaceful can happen by filling any outdoor space with potted greenery at different heights and comfortable seating that allows for easy conversation and relaxation.  I encourage my clients to create a space that has a view - and sometimes, we create the view using flora or fauna that we bring in to create what nature hasn't provided.  Plants and flowers can be so restorative - and in the hot weather, they can provide the shade and aromas that transport the mind and body even if you're enjoying an iced beverage in your own backyard."

See below for some images we grabbed from the CBS piece.  A simple setup in your backyard or a tree-perched home-not-so-far-away-from-home:  we'd love to hear about how you create your escape.


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