Sunday, August 5, 2012

Intern Corner- Before you start designing

A dynamic week in the design field seems just about normal now. One day I was working on creating concept sheets with Chetsi at Kinko's then the next day I was in the office researching lighting fixtures and faucets for a completely different client. I really enjoy running around to different areas of the city to explore design. As in school, when we get our assignments we much do as much research as possible, even if that means getting outside of the workplace and walking into an unfamiliar area.  The day I spent at Kinko's, Chetsi and I also drove to a local assisted living facility to learn about the place. Walking around with the tour guide was a great way to see both the people in the space and how the design worked with the people. When we combined our notes, we really understood how to evaluate the project we had before us. I think it's very important to understand the project you're undertaking before you set out to do it. Now Chetsi, Susan and I can explore the options of how to design the next project to produce an even better solution.

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