Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last week of an Intern

This is my last week at American and International Designs. Can't believe that time flies !
Last week so its time to hand over the stuff to the other staff members.

Its kinda hard to leave a place where you work for a while. Internship was amazing, a new day and a new lesson to learn. New thing not only from Susan but from colleague as well.

Susan is a great teacher ! She literally pulled out the real you which is just awesome !

Cindy is a great colleague! I learnt a lot from her like, when its hurry how to do things quickly.
Laura introduced the work environment in here ( as I am from a different country, I was not aware of work culture here)

How can I forget Katy and Teresa? They are very good individuals. Their way of thinking and supportive nature also makes life easy in new work environment.

These wonderful people have created lot of sweet memories. This was the best part of my life !

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