Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Internship at American and International Designs, Inc.

I have finished my internship at American and International Designs and didn't even realize it was over . I feel like I just gave my interview and when I see my calendar I see I finished it!

It’s not unusual to think that if you go to design firm you learn design. I say, yes that is right but I learned many more things besides design.

I went to client meetings and I learned how to deal with a client. How can I forget my first meeting for a huge hospitality project? It was amazing! I learned everything from scratch. 

Drawing on AutoCAD was taught in school. How to plan and make it look different and beautiful is a thing you learn in the office. I learned when you visit site what you should see, what are the points to be discussed with client, how to answer their queries. All these are part of design business and I learned it here.

Going to a show room to select a material for the client is a big deal because in that process you should know the client and their tastes well. This job was really easy when I went with Susan for the material selection.

As an emerging designer, it’s very important that you get the encouragement on the design level as well as at the personal level. I really got both and that was a kind of driving force for me to work in an align country.

I thank to the whole team of American and International Designs of being so supportive of me.  This was the foundation for me and my future.

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