Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 of Mentorship

Today, 10/03/12 was a day packed with many new activities and learning. In the morning I did the usual, organizing clients’ binders and vendor resources. Then, I put floor plans in order with cover sheets to be sent out. Each page has to be exactly the same size. Later, I went with Susan to drop off some wall paper samples at a client’s home. An important thing I learned was presentation. The samples were arranged inside a folder in a particular order, because they appear differently in various types of lighting, backgrounds, and spaces. 

Organization is also a must for a designer. Each client needs to have his own designated binder or folder, and a transmittal. We also went to a store filled with samples of paint, wallpaper, carpet and more. Although we went there to find wallpaper, it is a great place for students in design schools to go to for information and inspiration.

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