Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Table Top – Set your table for fall...

This table is a study of color – you take a design and a pattern and then layer with solid, pattern, solid –or you can reinterpret the dinner plate pattern using the colors and design in a smaller scale. We selected rust, linen table mats with tailoring and set the table with three layers of dinnerware: the charger which is solid gold, the patterned plate above which is a square with an over scaled floral pattern and then a smaller salad plate.

To set off the table setting we did napkin holders with gold and a little sparkle. The napkins have beads on the end that are the punctuation point to the beautiful holiday statement. It’s a masculine look that is simple yet colorful for this gentleman’s table. The flatware is simple – not embossed – it looks better and more hefty when it’s hammered. As elegant and upscale as the table looks, the flatware gives your guests a sense that this is usable.

Because the wood tabletop is dark you want to set it off with some bright accents, like the sparkle of the napkin holder or and the pop of the placemats. The table is Harden Industries and the chairs are also Harden – they are open back chairs; part of their master cabinet collection. There’s a herringbone, earth color fabric on the seat. The all cherry-wood table is grown in New York and then made in New York. It is a casual, timeless styling blend that goes with any theme. The table is a specialty finish, the base of the table is hand painted finish with physical distressing in Dover white.

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