Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Supporting Recovery

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The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has rocked the East Coast.  It is truly heartbreaking to witness the devastation of so many lives on Staten Island and New Jersey, where our business is primarily based.  At American and International Designs, Inc. we hope to insure peace of mind for our clients as we partner with them to rebuild what has been lost.

44 years of wedding photos rescued

As an interior designer, many facets of my profession have been impacted by the storm.  Initially my team, who live in Staten Island and New Jersey were, for the most part, without power for many days. We were able to mobilize our forces through online technology.  We started hearing from clients and friends immediately. They were requesting basic supplies and vendors that could quickly deliver - tiles, carpets, doors, locks, temporary window coverings.  They also needed reputable contacts for clean-up and moving as well as plumbers, painters, demolition companies, and information about government representatives and security people.  They needed the security of knowing they were contacting contractors with workman's comp certifications for their own protection.

FEMA workers bring a welcome relief to those devastated.

Even with a renovation project under normal conditions, stress levels are high and it is difficult to know where to start and who to trust.  I am proud that my team is able to help our clients in this terrible time of need.  We are already helping several waterfront clients with severe flooding and loss of power from Long Beach Island to Tom’s River to South Amboy to Staten Island and all the way out to the Hamptons.  I have already visited two of the sites, where I re-measured and developed floor plans so that we have the framework to move forward.

Damaging tidal surges demolish a once beautiful basement.  Down the studs, time to start fresh.

We are providing a service that is an important part of any recovery – support.  We are helping to put the scattered pieces back together – brick by brick, tile by tile, and with a lot of TLC.  We hope that as our friends and neighbors rebuild homes it helps restore hope for a brighter and more beautiful future.

-Susan Arann and the Design Team at American and International Designs, Inc.

To volunteer to help or to find out more information about getting help visit Rebuild SI

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