Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

                                                   Mentor-ship at A&I from 9/12/12- 1/16/13 
Today was the last day of my first semester mentoring at American and International Designs. This was an amazing experience that I will take with me forever. I learned so many things that will help me throughout my career as an Interior Designer. Here are some of the things I learned.  How to order samples online and over the phone from various vendors. How to put a design board together for clients. The importance of teamwork; each person needs to do his/her part for a task to work properly. Organization and neatness! That is a must for any career to be successful! To sum it up, I learned from Susan how to be a successful businesswoman. 

                                                          First semester of NYSID completed
I survived my first semmester  of school! I did well as I had hoped, though I must admit it was definitely not easy! For now,  I am a part time student, and I had no time for anything besides school,  work,  and my mentor ship. I worked hard but it was worth it! My art skills improved in ways I hadn't thought were even possible! All my professors were a pleasure to learn from. I can't wait to go back next semester!

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