Thursday, March 7, 2013

Design Solutions: Storage Beyond the 55 gallon Container

Storage solutions do not have to be hard rubber containers in the garage.  In home storage solutions can be beautiful and serve as functional design. Decorative cabinets are a wonderful way to add an interesting piece to your space that is also very functional.  This one is great because the metal will reflect light so tucking it in a small tucked away space will help brighten that corner of the room.
By using a larger chest instead of a traditional nightstand, we were able to balance this large bedroom space while providing extra storage in the room. 
Finding just the right accent cabinet can really help set the space.  Don't feel like you have to match the end table or the coffee table - pick out some colors from the room and go from there.  Add interest - you'll love looking at it everyday.
This distressed finish helps to offset the very clean lines of the furniture and fireplace and helps to bring out the whimsy in the fabric.  Oh and you can store things in it too!  
Sometimes a space feels too small for a large solid cabinet but that doesn't mean you can't have storage.  These decorative trunks make a beautiful addition to the space and still provide plenty of storage.

All of these design solutions are part of Residences by Susan Arann.  Susan focuses on beautiful design, but also wants her clients to have a comfortable and functional space that they can live in on a daily basis.  

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