Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Van Cortlandt Design Journey: Part 1 - The Main Room

Over the coming weeks, we plan to share the inner workings of the design process on our Van Cortlandt project.  We will be featuring everything from original concept sketches to elevations to during photos and eventually we will have finished photos.  We are so excited to bring you along for this journey with us - it is a hugely inspiring project that we are immensely proud of.

Perspectives (Sketches)

The first step in this process was to provide our clients with hand-drawn sketches which create a concept for the space as a whole.  We add details that are important to the overall function of the room.  At this point we focus on our vision for the room.  The first sketch showcases a fireplace and comfortable gathering area.  The second shows the opposite end of the room with an open concept, highlighting the current sloped ceiling and beautiful staircase while creating an open-concept grand space.  The third sketch shows the concept for the snack bar area, creating a third gathering area all within the same overall space.

3D Renderings

After the initial concept is approved, we move on to three dimensional computer renderings of the space to show major design features like french doors, added windows, refurbished pillars, restored wood ceilings, and returning oak floors.  These renderings show a division of 2 toned color, but are not indicative of the final color choice.  The purpose of these renderings is to give a better representation of the space itself.

This image is a CAD rendering of the bar layout.  By creating this image we are able to show our clients and construction crew our expectations of the space from several angles.  We can also show details on the space itself which include re-purposing original boards from a dividing wall near the locker room as the face of the snack bar area.  This is a wonderful way to highlight the rich history of this wonderful club.

During Construction

Construction is always a messy process, but it is always interesting to watch the plans take shape.  Knowing the concepts and seeing the renderings help to better understand these seemingly chaotic photos.  In the top photo you get the sense of open concept in the space.  Despite the temporary wall frames, the essence of grandeur is there.  The second photo shows the restoration process of the slanted ceiling.  The boards were removed and worked on so that they can be restored to their former glory.

Over the course of this project, you will find that we are not only breathing new life into this space, we are paying homage to its roots.  This is as much a redesign as it is a restoration because we are utilizing and re-purposing materials throughout this project.  Look for more to come on the Pro Shop and Locker Room renovations in the coming weeks.