Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Discussing Mentoring and Internships at NYSID

It was great being a part of the panel with Designers' Collaborative and NYSID discussing the importance of mentorship and internships at New York School of Interior Design's Hospitality Day this past Monday.  Leslie Azz, President of Cliff Young Furniture was the moderator.

I have worked as a mentor with interns since the late 80s and now work with about five interns per year.  I find it to be an important part of what I do and my way of giving back to the design community.  Interns in my program learn with hands-on design work, but more importantly get a chance to see all pieces of the design business.  Getting insight into working on a design team, performing basic office tasks, creating organization systems, and working with clients are some of the many lessons I focus on to help get these fresh young designers ready for fantastic careers.

I also teach my interns the importance of giving back and being involved in their community.  As a person involved in many aspects of the design world along with many local charity events, I find it very important to be involved in your industry and your community.  This becomes a requirement as part of the internship and I am always pleased with the diversity, creativity and passion that goes into these projects.

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