Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Just a Table

Geek Chic Furniture is a company that is taking custom furniture and giving it a more functional twist.  Each piece is hand-crafted with "strong, straight-grained hardwoods all sustainably sourced here in the United States".  I like the light Hard Rock Sugar Maple and the medium North American Cherry finishes.

The tables all feature a dropped surface called the Game Vault which is perfect for those who love gaming but also great for puzzles, paperwork, crafting and more.  

The unique rail system offers accessories to help further customize the table to your specific needs.  The desk shelf allows an area to store materials outside the Game Vault and the wine holder keeps drinks handy.

Leaving one leaf in the table and adjusting the leaf guard creates a work space at one end while still allowing access to the Game Vault.  The leaf guard "allows you to lean on the space without bowing, and prevents items from rolling underneath" allowing for multiple uses of the table at once.