Monday, June 3, 2013

Outdoor Spaces Turned Paradise

The first heat wave of the season may be breaking but it stuck around long enough to get us in the mood for some outdoor inspiration. Outdoor projects always come with their own unique challenges and perks.  Of course, you are dealing with nature and the elements as the project proceeds but you also get the opportunity to play off of Mother Nature's design as well.  Here are a few of our favorites.

The Never-ending Oasis 
The key to designing against such an amazing backdrop is knowing that you should not compete but merely compliment and accentuate the view every change you get.  

The Grand Cabana
On this property all eyes lead straight to the beautiful, grand cabana.  Adding pops of color with furniture and landscaping helped to indulge and delight the senses.  

The Park-like Paradise
This property was built to amaze and delight.  Walking along the pathways is like strolling through your own private park complete with ample entertaining areas and a spa like pool with soothing fountains and amazing lighting.

The Dream Kitchen
If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, it is only fitting to incorporate the conveniences of a luxury kitchen.  As with any kitchen, spacial planning is key.  Think about how you entertain and how you and your guests will use the space when working with a designer to lay it out.  Think through all of the possibilities including inclement or colder weather - the roll down shades will help protect this space against storms or winter weather.

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