Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Van Cortlandt Design Journey: Part 3 - Locker Rooms

What is most interesting about the Locker Room Restoration is just that - restoring the original beauty and elegance of the 19th century design.  We have to do some slight demo to help freshen the space up but our plan is to repurpose as much as we can.  There is such a rich history within these walls, it is only fitting to pay homage to it by restoring its elegance and charm.

Soon to be Snack Bar
The boards on these walls will be removed from the Locker Room area but will be restored and repurposed as part of the snack bar area in the main room of the club.

Admiring the Originals
When first looking at these worn locker doors, there is an overwhelming sense of history and intrigue.  It forces you to take a moment and admire the beautiful, original craftsmanship. 

First Steps
Carefully and methodically, the doors of the lockers were removed so that they may be sent out for proper restoration. They've lived a lifetime so far and we hope to restore them for another hundred plus years.

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