Thursday, July 11, 2013

Insights from an Intern - Taking my first professional steps

After a working interview two weeks prior, my first day as an intern with American & International Designs was still not what I expected. Although I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed with knowledge, I was excited. It was insight of what was to come- the next day, the next 15 weeks to follow, and years in the future.

The first hour started out getting to know Cindy, the Design Assistant, and what her job entailed. She discussed with me some current projects that I would be working on that day with her and Susan as well as some daily responsibilities that would be expected of me.

Susan had been out on an installation with a client and when she came into the office I was able to observe a typical interaction between her and Cindy discussing a current project. Being fresh out of college, just graduating in May, I had seen little real life design work in an office. The fast paced speed of the way they worked together, yet still understood each other, baffled me. I wanted to jump right in.

Soon after Susan briefed me on some of my tasks for the day and helped me get familiar with the office. I was happy to take on whatever she gave me to do next and run with it. From there, I worked on a rendering for a client, did research for a proposal, and continued to observe typical interactions- not only between Cindy and Susan but, with clients and vendors as well.

Full of knowledge and overflowing with new information to be filed and stored somewhere in my brain, I headed home at the end of the day basking in the opportunity I had been given.

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