Thursday, August 8, 2013

Add a Little Bling to Your Windows

When designing a window treatment the fabric and scale that's appropriate for the window is critical. Equally important is the selection of the hardware. Look at it as jewelry that completes the design. I particularly like a brushed nickel or chrome finish. Here are some of my favorite hardware selections.
Acrylic, translucent ice feeling with rings. Gives any window treatment an airy, modern look.

Crystal Finial with Brushed Nickel Curtain Rod and Bracket.

Turned Acrylic Chrome Finial with crystal banding. 

Square Acrylic Finial with Brushed Nickel base.

Another design option using glass finials. 
I purchased this particular piece over 10 years ago. My finish was in platinum, it weighs a lot but it sparkles beautifully when the light reflects on it. What is interesting about this design is that the rod with end cap continues through the hand blown glass.