Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mirrors: A Reflection of Beauty

With natural light at a minimum during these busy holidays, why not add a festive and functional mirror to brighten up your space.  Mirrors can be hung on a wall, actually be the wall, be part of the furniture or a centerpiece on the table.  However you use these fantastic pieces of reflective glass, they will be sure to mesmerize.

Over a fireplace is a fantastic spot for a mirror - try an unusual shape or color for extra pop!

The mirror in this breakfast area creates living art.

In an open space, a large mirror can help create sections in a room while still keeping the light and airy feel.

Going big and bold can also be classy and chic.

Mirrored surface furniture is all the rage.

Layer mirrors as a centerpiece separating them with spacers to create a multi-dimensional look.

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