Friday, December 13, 2013

Tackling Media in Design

When it comes to designing media into a space, I always keep the client's preferences in mind.  Many clients want to hide their media and others want it as a focal point.  But almost everyone agrees that it needs to be easily accessible.  Being creative and savvy with my designs helps me to deliver amazing spaces while still allowing for the comfort or need of media.
Hidden Media: Finding the perfect cabinet hides the television and creates a statement piece.

Camouflage Media: This design is clearly for the kids.  By including the TV among the vibrant storage, it isn't the focus of the room . . . or of the kids!

On Display: When you have a beautiful television, no reason not to highlight it.

A Place for Everything: Custom built ins are always a great way to showcase different pieces in a space, in this case the bar, the wine collection and the big screen.

Frame Job: Framing out a television to better incorporate it into the design helps it to blend in.

Defining a Space: Media is a great way to define specific sections of a space.  The wall mount allows for access to the TV from anywhere in the room.

Corner Pocket: Corners can be great places for televisions and with custom built ins designed to hold all of the media, it creates a clean, precise look.

Hospitality Helper: The small screen over the fireplace is used by the hotel to relay up to date information for guests.  It needed to be convenient without being a statement piece.

Capital Gains: Multiple screens can be overwhelming and clutter a space but by mounting them and keeping the backgrounds black, it helps to streamline the desk and ticker designs.

Pool Shark: One of the main challenges with media is making sure that anyone in the room can see it when needed.  Hanging TVs high let's everyone playing see over the pool lights from anywhere in the room.

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