Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project Grow: Hilton Garden Inn - It's All in the Details

Details are what set designers apart.  Even the smallest of details matter, especially in large spaces.  It is easy to overlook something that seems simple or unimportant at the time, but in the end it is the details that make the difference between a nice room and a defined, amazing space.


These chairs will be in the Fountain Room.  Both the back and seat fabrics are from Momentum Textiles.  We chose these particular fabrics to go with the color scheme and to play off the carpet.  Proving that pattern mixing is attainable when you pay attention to the details.

Coffee Table

We utilized custom made Peter Sandback coffee tables for the lobby lounge  We loved the look of the wood, it fits with the garden nature theme the nailheads inlay in the table adds interest to the piece and creates a beautiful design.  In the evening, the reflection of the surrounding lights make the table tops glow. These unique and conversation-starting tables are already a visitor favorite.

Garden Wall

Near the bar, there is a large curved wall that we have used to create a Garden Art wall as the main focus when a guest enters the lobby/lounge.  Photographer and artist Cheryl Maeder created this Garden house decor series of wall coverings.  We love that you can choose just the right pop of color for your space - in our case a lovely yellow.   


Louis Poulsen Collage pendants made up our central lighting feature.  We mixed the smaller 450 and the larger 600 sizes at various lengths to create this amazingly functional masterpiece.  

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