Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Grow: Hilton Garden Inn, Designing the Lobby Lounge

A glimpse into the Garden: A garden has versatility, a vitality that uplifts and rejuvenates the spirit; providing spaces that can transform to be social and vivacious or intimate and contemplative, all the while engaging each one of our senses. It is a rich metaphor providing a firm foundation for designing a lush environment, wholly sensory, freshly unique yet comfortingly familiar.

Our team is extremely thrilled to be working on site today. We are beginning the Hilton Garden Inn Project Grow renovation. This is a total makeover of a Hilton Lounge. 

Lobby Lounge
Lobby Lounge - BEFORE

Lobby Lounge Installs
Beginning carpet install and preparing back wall for an incredible mural install

Lobby Lounge Color Palette
Walls have been stripped and Low V.O.C emitting vinyl that is LEED compliant has been installed. The color palette we are using is a Celadon Green, White Lacquer, with accents in Copper. All moldings have been patched and coated in a Super White lacquer.

Fountain Room

    Fountain Room - BEFORE
                                                                   Fountain Room mid Renovation
Beginning carpet install. All eco friendly wallcovering has been put up. The stairs leading to the Fountain Room are being replaced with new oak steps along with refinished railings. 


  1. This room is being transformed into something beautiful and the striking wallpaper by Cheryl Maeder will make a dramaticl, eye-catching
    impact! Wow!