Monday, March 10, 2014

Think Pink! Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

We are so honored to support Breast Cancer Awareness by sponsoring these radio awareness ads.  As a women owned business, American & International Designs Inc, has a vested interest in early detection and encourages all women to be vigilant in monitoring their health. We have worked throughout the years to design Mammography Centers, Family Health Centers, and Medical Units that make all who come comfortable.

In case you missed the ad - here is the script.  Thank you to WCBS 880 for sending it over and airing this important message!
"AMERICAN & INTERNATIONAL DESIGNS reminds us that every minute in the United States a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and over Forty Thousand die. The exact cause is unknown but the biggest risk factor is age. The best way to protect yourself is with regular self exams and most important, be sure to schedule your annual mammogram. This from Susan Arann and her staff at AMERICAN & INTERNATIONAL DESIGNS located at 1110 SOUTH AVE in STATEN ISLAND, call 347-273-1364 that's 347-273-1364 or visit"

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