Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artists in April: How to Hang Art

As we wrap up our Artists in April blogs, it comes to mind that an artist's beauty cannot be admired unless it is properly displayed.  And there is definitely an art to hanging art.  

The number one rule of hanging art is planning.  You have to measure the space on the wall first and then come up with a plan for displaying the art you have.  Whether you have one piece or ten, you need to make sure you know exactly where they are going before the first nail is struck.  

Hilton Garden Inn- Art Wall at Fireplace Nook preparation

A great way to do this is to measure the wall space and then create a mimicked space on the floor.  This will allow you to arrange and rearrange (and probably rearrange again) your pieces until they become your own gallery.  And don't worry about all matching frames and strict eye line rules - add your own personal touch and get creative!

Hilton Garden Inn- Art Wall at Fireplace Nook
Photograph by Vinnie Amesse

Another option is to use a professional hanging service, like iLevel Picture Hanging in NYC, who can help with special pieces of art that may need extra security, lighting or just special hanging.  We used iLevel's services on our Van Cortlandt project.

                     Van Cortlandt Golf Course- New York Park's Department Archive Photo Vignette

                          Van Cortlandt Golf Course- Seating area and niche with archive photos

Most importantly, hang art where you want to see it.  When we choose a piece of art for our home, it is because we want to see it.  Make sure you display it so that you view it every day.

Displaying art on a staircase and inside trim surrounds

Displaying collection from local artists using different frames and even a frame-less canvas

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